The November 2014 bond package was based upon recommendations from the district’s Facility Advisory of Citizens, Teachers and Students Committee, made up of local citizens, civic and business leaders, parents and school staff. Members met throughout the summer to study and prioritize district needs. The FACTS Committee toured the district’s schools and studied a
district-wide facility assessment, enrollment projections, and district financial information.
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planning process,


The development of the November 2014 bond package was a yearlong process that included demographic projections, financial analysis, a district-wide comprehensive facilities assessment and community input. It addressed growth, safety, technology, aging facilities and more.


Over 60 percent of the November 2014 bond is designated to address growth at the elementary, intermediate and middle school level. Since the passage of the 2001 bond program, the student population has grown by 2,600 students and reports indicate that the school district will continue to grow an additional 10 percent in the next ten years. This bond package will allow Duncanville ISD to significantly reduce the use of portable buildings and accommodate future growth. In addition, this bond program includes improvements to all existing school buildings in the district.


New Construction and Expanded Facilities

New, expanded and repurposed facilities will create additional student capacity, replace aging facilities and create feeder patterns that allow for community and neighborhood schools.


Replacement Acton Elementary School: $27,000,000

Construction of a new Pre-K–5 elementary school will replace the existing Acton Elementary School on land already owned by the district at the site of Kennemer Middle School.


Replacement Hastings Elementary School: $25,400,000

Construction of a new Pre-K–4 elementary school will replace the existing Hastings Elementary School building on the existing site.


Repurpose Brandenburg Intermediate School to an Elementary School: $1,700,000

Renovations to repurpose the existing facility will serve grades Pre-K–4, including increasing classroom sizes and adding restrooms to meet state standards.


Hyman Elementary School Expansion: $2,500,000

Additions and renovations to Hyman Elementary School will create a grade PK–5 campus.


Kennemer Middle School Expansion: $8,045,000

Additions and renovations to Kennemer Middle School will create a grade 6–8 campus.


District-Wide Upgrades

All schools are receiving upgrades in safety and security, new and expanded technology and general facility upgrades and improvements.


Safety and Security: $6,000,000

  • Upgrade surveillance systems, access control systems, security cameras and exterior lighting at all campuses
  • Add classroom intruder function door hardware, intrusion alarm systems, emergency phone  
    systems and exterior door numbering to increase campus safety and security district-wide


Technology: $17,600,000

  • New and emerging classroom technology for every DISD campus, including interactive and mobile learning devices, interactive projectors, document cameras and computer replacements
  • Data cabling replacement and expansion at five campuses
  • District-wide network infrastructure upgrades including wireless internet enhancements, district phone system replacement and network operations improvements
  • Community Wi-Fi kiosk system at locations around the community to provide internet to students and parents to access homework, grades and school materials


Existing Facility Upgrades and Improvements: $14,300,000

  • Replace fire alarm systems that have exceeded their life cycle
  • Install sprinkler systems to provide fire protection to buildings and gymnasiums at six campuses that do not currently have systems
  • Various upgrades and repairs to address building code and handicap accessibility deficiencies including non-compliant restrooms and ramps
  • Campus repairs and interior finish upgrades including new doors, hardware, flooring and ceilings





Public school taxes involve two components: Maintenance and Operations (M&O), used to pay for salaries, utilities, furniture, supplies, food, gas, etc.; and Interest and Sinking (I&S), used to repay debt. Bond elections affect the I&S tax rate.


Currently, DISD’s I&S tax rate, is $0.37. When combined with the district’s M&O tax rate of $1.04, the total tax rate for DISD is $1.41 per $100 of certified property value.


The estimated maximum tax impact of this bond is anticipated to be a $0.13 increase to the I&S portion, resulting in a total tax rate of $1.54. For an average taxable home value of $98,596, this represents an increase of approximately $10.68 per month. This estimate is calculated on the district’s 2014–15 taxable assessed valuation and assumes zero growth. Therefore, if the district grows, the tax impact will be less.


Estimated Tax Impact:

The chart below illustrates the estimated monthly tax increase to property owners in DISD from the November 2014 bond election:














State Law allows for school building bonds to mature over a period up to forty years. The budget and estimated tax rate impact for this bond was built on the assumption that the bond will be repaid over a 30-year period and are structured to allow the District to prepay the bonds prior to scheduled maturity, without penalty.  Furthermore, the bonds will be sold in phases, and short term bonds that are repaid in five to ten years will be utilized to fund the technology projects within the bond proposal.


Impact on Senior Citizens' Property Taxes

Under state law, the dollar amount of school taxes imposed on the residence homestead of a person 65 years of age or older who has filed an exemption application, may not be increased above the amount paid in the first year after the person turned 65, regardless of changes in tax rate or property value. This excludes the value of any new improvements, such as additions or renovations that increase the value of such homestead.


Contact the Dallas Central Appraisal District with questions about the Over 65 Homestead Exemption. Homestead Exemption forms can be found here.



Taxable Home Value

(less any exemptions)

Estimated Monthly

Tax Increase

$98,596   (Average)