MEETING 1: March 31, 2015

Bond Oversight Team Gets First Look at School Designs


Details are coming together as architects work with school staff, students and members of the community to begin work on Duncanville ISD’s $102.545 million bond program.


Duncanville ISD has created a Bond Oversight Team, made up of a diverse group of people from the Duncanville community, to ensure transparency as the district moves forward fulfilling the bond. The group’s 25 members will meet quarterly. They got together for the first time Tuesday March 31 at the administration building.


Architects from Corgan and Huckabee presented initial concept drawings for the new Acton and Hastings elementary schools. The designs were developed following meetings over the course of several days with each of the schools’ teachers and staff. Architects from both firms sought input on where classes should be placed, which grades should be grouped together and many other details that will help with students’ instruction.


Although Acton and Hastings are being built by different companies and employees in each school had the freedom to make requests  based on their own student populations, the resulting designs look remarkably similar. Oversight Committee Team member Claudia Zakutney said, “That was awesome. It just goes to show you that it’s based on what teachers need.”


In addition to the construction projects, Duncanville ISD will begin upgrading technology district-wide this summer with a brand new network and phone system scheduled to be complete by the beginning of the next school year.  Members of the community will also see work on the community wifi promised in the bond program. The goal is to have 40 kiosks installed throughout Duncanville by August. To include community input in the project, Kyle Berger, Chief Technology Officer, will present information to the Duncanville Chamber of Commerce in April.